Teaching platform for the internet
Thousands of instructors and educational institutions use LearnDesk’s software to booking appointments, accept payments, sell learning content, and market their businesses globally.

Integrated software

A unified suite of teaching software
We bring together all the pieces that are required to book appointments, accept payments, sell learning content, and market your business.
LearnDesk’s platform enables businesses to accept payments, subscriptions, and payment plans globally.
We also help instructors to send automated email campaigns, specialized offers, newsletters, track campaigns, and much more.
Individual instructors and educational institutions - they all sell on LearnDesk for a reason: 60 million people visit our marketplace.
Global Scale
New-age online learning companies around the world use LearnDesk to accept payments across borders and build a global learning audience. Our global presence enables us to understand the needs of both instructors and learners. This results in a border-less learning marketplace.
Set pricing and enable checkout in 63 currencies. Sell more by making it easier to buy and help customers avoid conversion charges.
Deliver learning content in 49 languages. Teach in a local language and enable localized checkouts to acquire users globally.
Choose pricing based on geography to allow flexibility and ease for learners. Set prices and discounts according to location to increase sales.
Customize your learning content for different geographies to enable a richer and relevant experience for learners worldwide.
Learn to sell. Discover leads. Build an audience. Communicate. Learn from the LearnDesk Marketing Coaching program and discover how you can find users. With the audience in place, communicate effectively using our in-built Inbox messaging system.
Marketing Coaching
Learn to discover new paying customers, collect leads, and run successful marketing campaigns via our 1-1 Marketing Coaching program.
Build an audience
Existing contacts, visitors, abandoned carts, and customers - all are part of your audience.
Talk to your contacts, marketplace leads, and users using the in-built Inbox messaging system.
Expand your reach by placing category ads in the marketplace and driving learners to your content offerings.
Organic discovery
Our pages load fast and are beautifully laid out for various screen sizes. SEO optimized content delivery helps teachers to consistently rank high on search engines.
Ad campaigns
Our marketing team runs targeted ad campaigns to drive traffic to individual content pages. This ensures that classes receive individual attention from potential buyers.
Expand your reach to new learners within our marketplace and to enterprises through our sales team. Our marketplace is designed and priced to make our instructor partners successful.
Reach millions
LearnDesk enables established online learning businesses as well as individual instructors to reach millions of people globally every month.
Build your online learning business from our audience, and go-to-market without investing upfront on marketing and advertising.
100% revenue share
Our feature-rich marketplace is designed to make our sellers successful with 100% revenue share on marketplace sales.
Enterprise sales
Harness the power of our enterprise sales team by licensing learning content to enterprises and organizations for L&D.
We provide you with everything that is required to host content, market your business, and sell globally. Our software operates and optimizes each component of your online learning business stack.
Online classes
Seamlessly host video-based, audio, rich-text classes, quizzes and flashcard lessons. Reward your users with completion certificates.
Digital products
Sell digital downloadable content including ebooks, worksheets, printables, assessments, and activities. Great for lead-magnets as well.
Give your customers their choice of payment options and accept payments in local currencies. Boost your sales internationally.
Build your audience through the marketplace with automated campaigns, specialized offers, newsletters, and communication tools.
Create a branded presence for your online learning business on the marketplace. Showcase your expertise and enforce your brand.
Measure and track everything important metrics for your content business in one place. From orders and revenue, to user progress.
Why LearnDesk
A fully unified approach to selling online learning content, accepting payments, and marketing your digital content business globally. Reach millions of people globally every month through our marketplace.
From content delivery to users
From delivering your content to marketing and communication, we operate and optimize every part of the online learning business stack. Deploy with just a few clicks.
Designed for instructor success
With 100% marketplace revenue share, no-exclusivity requirements, continued ownership of rights, and low-pricing we are designed for creator success.
Support for instructors
From onboarding support where we upload your content to marketing or pricing support, we are always available to help you grow your content business.
Fastest-improving platform
We release new features and improvements every week to help you provide a great learning experience to users.
Getting started
Get started selling on the LearnDesk Marketplace. Deploy quickly and start building an audience.
First steps
Create an account, build your profile, and submit your first class or digital downloadable for review in a few easy steps.
Migration Support
Get our onboarding team to advise you to effectively migrate your content from your legacy system to LearnDesk.
Marketing and pricing support
Our experts can help you build your marketing plan and price your content for success. Included for Lifetime premium sellers.
Technical support
Technical support is available via email, phone, and 1-1 screen sharing sessions.
Frequently asked questions
Have additional questions? Check the articles below first.
Content ownership
Creators and rights holders continue to own the intellectual property.
No exclusivity
Creators are free to sell the content anywhere else.
Generating revenue
Get 100% revenue share for all sales.
Enterprise sales program
LearnDesk sales team licenses content to enterprises for L&D through our catalog sales program.
Class marketing
Promote content through email marketing, organic discovery, and targeted ad placements.
Receiving payments
Payments are made via Paypal 21 days after the end of the month.
Publishing process
Content is reviewed to make sure it meets class and community guidelines.
Content removal
Creators can make requests to remove content at any time and continue to get paid for sales while content is removed from the marketplace.
Terms and conditions
Read sections "Account Terms for Teachers and Content Creators" and "Teacher and Content Creator Payments" of our Terms of Service.
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