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LearnDesk is an online learning community that provides thousands of classes. LearnDesk allows our users to gain new skills, discover opportunities, take care of themselves, and to share their expertise with the world.

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We want to improve the quality of your life by helping you become a better person. We do this by helping you learn from experts, enabling learning from anywhere, and making sure that our platform is affordable.
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A Brief History of LearnDesk

April 2016
LearnDesk launches the world’s first health multi-lingual information site, providing information for 75+ countries and in 30+ different languages.
June 2019
LearnDesk introduces a course platform and starts licensing the course platform to corporates.
June 2020
LearnDesk Learning Marketplace comes out of beta to provide a valuable and robust service for learners worldwide.

Fun Facts from 2018

100 Million+ Users
2.4 Million+ Hours Spent Reading
Users from 191 Countries

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To get in touch with us for partnerships and media, please email us. For support, including course instructors, please view the help desk or open a ticket.

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